The idea of the establishment of the Polish Club of Camino de Santiago appeared in fall 2003.

The main objectives which shall be realised by the Club in Poland include:
1. to supply with possible sufficient information people who intend to step on the Camino and at the same time desire to get acquainted with the Road as well as with situations which they may face
2. to promote Camino - the famous and oldest pilgrimage route in the world - almost unknown to Poles

We assumed that the members of the club might be Poles - irrespective of belief and the people who do not identify with any religion - who have experienced Camino on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. The membership of the people of other nations shall be allowed as well as of those who have never been or will not be on the Road but are ready to co-operate in order to achieve all the Club's goals. The above mentioned persons may be the supporting members or the members of honour.

Those who walked over The Road of St Jacob (Camino the Santiago means The Road to Jacob) know that Camino is an invaluable thing. Everybody returns as a better person. After reaching Santiago de Compostela an old man dies and a new one is born. Camino is of a certain value to all the people: to Catholics, to people of other religions, to those searching for something and those having doubts as well as to people determining themselves as unbelievers who constitute a large group on Camino. Camino being the European cultural heredity welcomes everybody. In shelters for pilgrims - called Refugios or Alberques de Peregrinos - usually ask (for statistic purposes) about the nationality, sometimes the age, never about the religion. All the people walking in Camino are treated by Hospitaleros with an equal respect. It is worth mentioning that special friendship and solidarity unite the society of pilgrims. This is one of the greatest value of the Road.

The Polish Club of Camino de Santiago is an informal group including four people that started the setting up of this Club. Each new member of the Club will be warmly greeted. The club is not a legal party. The change of its organisational property and the legal situation depends exclusively on the will of its members.


o. Roman Wcisło (Camino 1992,1993,1995,1996) e-mail
Iwona Wcisło (Camino 1993) e-mail
Wojciech Leśków (Camino 1994) e-mail
Barbara Karpała (Camino 1997, 1998) e-mail
Róża Rychlik (Camino 1997, 1998, 1999)         
Jerzy Kazimierczak (Camino 1997) e-mail
Teresa Krupska (Camino 1999)         
Jerzy Jasiczek (Camino 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004) e-mail
Jarek Buczek (Camino 2000) e-mail
Piotr Knapczyk (Camino 2001) e-mail
Włodzimierz Antkowiak (Camino 2003) e-mail
Ewa Szul-Skjoeldkrona (Camino 2003-2004) e-mail
Katarzyna Bednarz (Camino 2004, 2006) e-mail
Marek Cienkiewicz (Camino 2004) e-mail
Piotr Kucab (Camino 2004) e-mail
Krystyna Sadura-Pałac (Camino 2004, 2005, 2005) e-mail
Zofia Solarz (Camino 2004) e-mail
o. Wojciech Krok OP (Camino 2004) e-mail
o. Paweł Barszczewski OP (Camino 2004, 2006) e-mail
Piotr Kobus (Camino 2004) e-mail
Lucyna Szomburg (Camino 2004) e-mail
Monika Buczkowska (Camino 2004, 2006, 2007) e-mail
Paweł Buczkowski (Camino 2004, 2006, 2007) e-mail
Alicja Dziekańska (Camino 2004) e-mail
Piotr Dziekański (Camino 2004)         
Mirek Dziekański (Camino 2004) e-mail
Edyta Tombarkiewicz (Camino 2004) e-mail
Maria Ewa Branicka (Camino 2004) e-mail
Asia Marciniak (Camino 2004) e-mail
Danuta Boruc (Camino 2004) e-mail
Adam Mróz (Camino 2004, 2005) e-mail
Jola Mróz (Camino 2004, 2005) e-mail
Piotr Laskowski (Camino 2004, 2005) e-mail
Agata Bak (Camino 2004, 2005) e-mail
Bożena i Marcin Bogdańscy (Camino 2004, 2007) e-mail
ks. Zbigniew Tomczyk (2004, 2005, 2008) e-mail
Marek Chorąży (2004) e-mail
Krystyna Siekierska (2004) e-mail
Karol Pałac (Camino 2005, 2006) e-mail
Erica Idle (Camino 2005, 2006) e-mail
Monika Haze (Camino 2005)         
ks. Dariusz Doburzynski (Camino 2005) e-mail
Beata Mizerska (Camino 2005) e-mail
Joanna Botwinowska (Camino 2005) e-mail
Basia Pisarska (Camino 2005)         
Maria "Miśka" Lempart (Camino 2005) e-mail
Iwona Kaniewska (Camino 2005) e-mail
Maciej Kaniewski (Camino 2005)         
Emilia Kędziorek (Camino 2005) e-mail
Krysia Szurek (Camino 2005) e-mail
Łukasz Koziarski (Camino 2005) e-mail
Janusz Gamracy OP (Camino 2006) e-mail
Piotr Barczyński (Camino 2006) www
Michał Lemański (Camino 2006) e-mail
Tomasz Daniec (Camino 2006) e-mail
Judyta Hachuła (Camino 2006) e-mail
Sebastian Macioł (Camino 2006) e-mail
Ewa Rymek (Camino 2006) e-mail
Jola Bartosiak (Camino 2006) e-mail
Jagoda Perycz (Camino 2006) e-mail
Anna Jarczewska (Camino 2006) e-mail
Czesła Gadomski (Camino 2006)         
Helena Śliwińska (Camino 2006) e-mail
Barbara Mendyk (Camino 2006) e-mail
Emil Mendyk (Camino 2006) e-mail
Weronika Auron (Camino 2006) e-mail
Michał Karpiel (Camino 2006) e-mail
Aga Gańczorz (Camino 2006, 2007) e-mail
Monika i Piotr Pasieczni (Camino 2006) e-mail
Edward Babiasz (Camino 2007) e-mail
Waldemar Bartnicki (Camino 2007) e-mail
Kasia Wieczorek (Camino 2007) e-mail
Michał Piec (Camino 2007) e-mail
Jarosław Żołnacz (Camino 2007) e-mail
Grzegorz Pełka (Camino 2007) e-mail
Aldona Sieroda (Camino 2007) e-mail
Kasia Gajos (Camino 2007) e-mail
Andrzej Gołębiewski (Camino 2007) e-mail
Ewa Jasińska (Camino 2007) e-mail
Andrzej Moniuszko (Camino 2007) e-mail
Teresa Wójtowicz (Camino 2007) e-mail
Justyna Wojdyga (Camino 2007) e-mail
Ewa Maria Slaska (Camino 2007) e-mail
Katarzyna Korta (Camino 2007) e-mail
Michał Nowak (Camino 2007) e-mail
s. Nina Irena Filipczyk (Camino 2007) e-mail
Sylwia Sitek (Camino 2007) e-mail
Zofia Gajos (Camino 2007) e-mail
Hanna i Ryszard Tylkowscy (Camino 2007, 2008) e-mail
Kinga Sozańska (Camino 2007) e-mail
Paweł Nobis (Camino 2007) e-mail
Paulina Samborska (Camino 2007) e-mail
Stanisław Pawnuk (Camino 2007) e-mail
Dariusz Drozd (Camino 2007) e-mail
Arkadiusz Adamczuk (Camino 2007) e-mail
Agnieszką Kołodziej-Adamczuk (Camino 2007)         
Andrzej Gołębiewski (Camino 2007, 2008, 2009) e-mail
Artur Muc (Camino 2008) e-mail
Janusz Opyrchał-Bojarski (Camino 2008) e-mail
Bogdan Żerkowski (Camino 2008) e-mail
Krystyna Bily (Camino 2008) e-mail
Bogdan Hollert (Camino 2008) e-mail
Katarzyna Kasyna (Camino 2008) e-mail
Małgorzata Burcicka-Kozieł (Camino 2008) e-mail
Jan i Maria Czerewatyj (Camino 2008) e-mail
Andrzej Stróżyński (Camino 2008) e-mail
Ryszarda i Barbary Choroś (Camino 2008) e-mail
Jacek Nowakowski (Camino 2008) e-mail
Anna Sapeta (Camino 2008) e-mail
Szymon Adamski (Camino 2008) e-mail
Zygmunt Targoński (Camino 2008) e-mail
Olgierd Neyman (Camino 2008) e-mail
Marta Białokryty (Camino 2008) e-mail
Renata Zając (Camino 2008) e-mail
Magdalena Goras (Camino 2008) e-mail
Katarzyna Turecka (Camino 2008) e-mail
Agnieszka Rumiez (Camino 2008) e-mail
Celina i Adam Giełażynowie (Camino 2008) e-mail
Paweł Wolanczyk (Camino 2008) e-mail
Ireneusz Lewandowski (Camino 2004-2008) e-mail
Bohdan Gumowski (Camino 2008) e-mail
Sławomir Gurdała (Camino 2008) e-mail
Zofia Fryźlewicz (Camino 2008) e-mail
Łukasz Klimkiewicz (Camino 2008) e-mail
Ewa i Grzegorz Stankiewiczowie z Synami (Camino 2008) e-mail
Ewa i Krzysztof Marcinkowscy (Camino 2008) e-mail
Beata Fojcik (Camino 2008) e-mail
Grażyna Fiałkowska (Camino 2008) e-mail
Rafał Paweł Łyżwa (Camino 2008) e-mail
Zbigniew Ilków (Camino 2008) e-mail
Bogdan Czarniawski (Camino 2008) e-mail
Krzysztof Kiżuk (Camino 2008) e-mail
Stefania Gubalska (Camino 2008) e-mail
Ryszard Musiał (Camino 2009) e-mail
Andrzej Łuszczyk (Camino 2009) e-mail
Andrzej Wiciński (Camino 2009) e-mail
Wojciech Biernat (Camino 2009) e-mail
ks. Adrian Galbas SAC (pallotyni) (Camino 2009) e-mail
Roman i Bożena Chomiczewscy (Camino 2009) e-mail
Robert Gwóźdź (Camino 2009) e-mail
Jacek Fijolek (Camino 2009) e-mail
Kamil Gołuszka (Camino 2009) e-mail
Kasia Ryba (Camino 2009) e-mail
Dorota Napieracz (Camino 2009)         
Małgorzata Stelmach (Camino 2009) e-mail
Antoni Musiał (Camino 2009)         
Paweł Kaszyński (Camino 2009) e-mail
Dariusz Kowalczyk (Camino 2009) e-mail
Robert Kalisiak (Camino 2009) e-mail
Jarosław Rowiński (Camino 2009) e-mail
Malvina Kupinski (Camino 2009) e-mail
Magda Tlatlik (Camino 2009) e-mail
Grzegorz Majda (Camino 2009) e-mail
Maciej Nawrot (Camino 2010) e-mail
Paweł Dąbrowski (Camino 2010) e-mail
ks. Krzysztof Żygadło MS (Camino 2010) e-mail